Hotel Balcon de Europa

Internal Regime Regulations


1. General provisions

The people who access this hotel shall be obliged to comply this regulation, in which does not contravene Law 13/2011, of December 23, on Tourism, Decree Law 13/2020, of May 18th, on hotel establishments, and other rules and precept of application.

2. Access, admission and stay at the establishment

This hotel is of public use and has free access, without any restrictions other than those derived from legal provisions and this regulation.

The admission and stay of people at this establishment will only be denied for the following reasons:

  • a) Due to lack of capacity in accommodation or facilities.
  • b) Due to not complying the admission requirements established in this regulation.
  • c) By adopting behaviours that may cause danger or inconvenience to other people, or by hamper the normal development of the activity.

When one of these indicated circumstances occurred or by the people incurring in one or more of the restrictions listed above, the responsible employee of the establishment may require them to abandon the establishment, with previous payment, when appropriate, of the invoice pending. If necessary, they may ask for security according to article 36 of the tourism law, and article 25 of the Hotel Management Decree.

It is expressly stated that free access to the facilities, services and accommodation of this establishment can not be denied to people who wish to come for sex reasons, disability, with or without a guide dog, religion, opinion or any other personal or social circumstance.

3. Check in and admission document:

The people who wish to use the accommodation units, the common areas, and, when appropriate, the complementary services detailed in this regulation, should present their identification documents to be registered and admitted at this establishment.

This establishment, once the person has been registered, will make an admission document that will include the name, category and registration number of the establishment, number or identification of the accommodation, number of people who will occupy, check in and check out date and any meals arrangement they have, and when booked directly, the price of the stay. The admission document, which must have a duplicate copy, must be signed by the interested party to formalize their admission, once informed of the existence of these Regulations and their rights and obligations. The original will be delivered to the user and the copy will remain in the possession of the establishment.

The complementary services which are offered by the establishment or by other people or entities, are detailed at reception, it will be formalized in their corresponding documents and will be settled according to the agreed conditions.